Today’s article is going to be about bras, and why I dislike them, and why I don’t wear them, and why I believe that you shouldn’t either. So let’s get started. I have a few reasons to why I dislike them, and why I think we shouldn’t be wearing them as women. It’s been playing on my mind for ages and something I wanted to share for a long time.

Reason #1. They are So Uncomfortable

They are tight and they just there, and you feel restricted, and they’re either too big or too small or just uncomfortable. How many times have you come home from a day out wearing an underwire bra, and the first thing you want to do is take your bra off because then you feel like you can be comfortable, you’re not genuinely comfortable unless you have your bra off?

Reason #2. I Can’t Breathe

Reason number two, which may be fall under the category of number one as well, is that I can’t breathe when I wear it. I feel so restricted, and I feel like I can’t get a full breath in, it feels so tight all the time, and I can’t breathe.

Reason #3. Bras Cut off Blood Circulation

Studies have shown that it cuts off your circulation. You can see when you take off your bra, the lines underneath. That’s all blood flow, important blood flow not getting to your skin and your flesh, and it is blocking your lymphatic system. And the lymphatic system, as we all know, is essential for draining, and circulating, and removing toxins from your body. And you’re blocking the main ones in your exhilarating nodes under your arms. And that can cause breast cancer, and it can produce toxins going to your brain and just so bad for you.

Reason #4. Breast Cancer

It can cause breast cancer. There has been a research showing that it does link to breast cancer and others showing that it doesn’t link to breast cancer. But at the end of the day, what does every large company at their want that makes a commodity? They want your money. They just like any other company that wants your money. So they’re probably making their studies showing that bras don’t cause breast cancer. But you are blocking important lymph node, and that’s usually where breast cancer develops.


Reason #5. Bras are Expensive

Why I don’t wear bras is because of this is so expensive. I remembered last year, I’ve lost so much weight, and none of my bras fit me. And I got to the point where I wasn’t wearing bras, and I thought  “I should start wearing bras again” because I thought that I had to. And, you know, if there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel feminine, and beautiful, and be sexy in bras and underwear, but at the end of the day, did society create that image for us, that we have to wear bras and underwear like lacy kind of staff to be a woman and feel feminine? You should be feeling female and beautiful naked, just going off what you have.

I had to purchase a new bra, and that cost me like ninety dollars because I have lost my weight. And that’s the thing breasts change so much; they change during your period, they change during pregnancy, they change during weight loss, through you hormonal changes, a lot of things that they fluctuate a lot. So yeah, it’s just a waste of money having to buy new bras all time.

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Tip 1: Focus on Your Partner

I want to address the anxiety issue. So start looking at your partners, mean like, what are they feeling, what is their body looks like. Ask your partner about the size of his penis and if you’re not satisfied with the length and girth, give him the advice to use a top rated penis extender like Phallosan. This product will help to grow the penis on a permanent basis. It’s not expensive but backed up with a money back guarantee.

Penis stretching is a natural way to enlarge the penis without any side effects. Unless you want to make surgery, but it’s too risky and expensive. It’s all about your health. And that will help you to get that trap out of your mind only thinking about yourself, what I look like, what do they think about me. Think what do they look like, how do their body feel, what does it feel like when I’m touching them.

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Tip 2: Communicate

Start talking, sometimes talking out loud can get you out of being stuck in your head, “do you like that, how does that feel to you?”

Tip 3: Relax and Breathe Deeply

And the other thing is just learning to relax and allow yourself to breathe deeply, to feel more. So if his girlfriend wants to work with him through this, he can tell her “this is why I’m having a hard time receiving a blowjob.” I know that brutal honesty is terrifying, but it is really what is holding us back. Sexual expression and verbal expression are linked together entirely. Her continual acceptance of him will start to melt away these layers of his kind of anxiety and fear and allow him to feel that he is being loved, that he is being accepted, that he is attracted to her.

Sex shouldn’t be about shame; sex is fun. The problem is a lot of us have these mental hang-ups and some shame around our bodies, or sex, or how much we’re enjoying ourselves that are keeping us from actually connecting to other person or allowing ourselves to let go. If your girlfriend is with you, then I would think she’s probably happy with the size of your penis. So you can go ahead and relax.  If she were not satisfied with the size of your penis, she would probably already be gone. She’s happy with you, and she wants it.

Tip 4: Oral Sex and G-spot Stimulation

The other thing that you can do if you’re concerned about your size is making sure she’s getting enough pleasure in general so learning how to get great oral sex or stimulate her G-spot with your fingers. So learning how to find her G-spot it’s just inside the vagina and up behind the cervix, and you can do something your play with the F-spot, and that’ll help get her very aroused.

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It is time to learn about how natural penis pumps work. Indeed, when you want to use the best option for the product, this one can do it for you. A natural penis pump is a good product that can enlarge the size of your penis in an instant. You have to make sure that you use it based on the manual book. As a result, it will prevent a problem when you are using it. By choosing natural penis pump, you will see how your penis can become significant later on. The big penis will be able to make your body becomes unusual quickly. With the presence of penis pump, you will see how your penis can grow larger and larger.

Natural Penis Pumps – How It Works?

The best option of natural penis pumps can now be chosen. It is time for you to enjoy using this product that can give advantages to your body. In fact, you can use it effectively. As it names, all you need to do is just pumping it to know how it works. When you use this product, you will see how it can make the quality of your body becomes good in an instant. A natural penis pump is available with the competitive price too.

If you plan to use this natural penis pumps, you have to make sure that you read the manual carefully. You have to place this product inappropriate place too so that you will not get problems when using it. As long as you use this product, you will be able to make the size of your penis grow larger and larger. As a result, you can make your mate feels satisfied for having sexual activity with you. Also, you can enjoy every moment of love with your partner. Make sure to choose this best option of penis pump from now on.

After you use this product, you have to make sure that you place it in the right place. If you put it in the right place, it can prevent you from getting problems when you are using it. It is a good idea for you to select this best option for the product if you feel that you want to make your body becomes fantastic with it. You can see how your penis will be able to attract your mate to make love with you again and again.

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Let me share some anti-aging tips that a lot of Koreans use to keep their beautiful young face.


So the first one is, of course, lifestyle. The most important thing is to make sure that you apply some sunscreen lotion every two or three hours. I know that might sound hard, but please try to avoid adverse effects of smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, or caffeine.

Overeating can also cause aging, so it’s good to get in the habit of eating just a certain amount and making sure that when you feel the fullness in your stomach, you say “oh” and stop. And then you eat when you’re hungry again. So, have smaller meals, and you can eat more frequently.


So, primarily, number two is food. Now, this is very important for anti-aging. Foods such as ginseng, anchovies, beans, fruits, vegetables are among the foods that Koreans eat to maintain their youthful appearance. Ginseng and beans act as antioxidants, which not only helps with just anti-aging, but it also helps with fatigue. So I regularly eat ginseng, I love it, but it’s so expensive. It makes me less tired, and it’s a fact.

Anchovies are also excellent in preventing aging because they remove the active oxygen that promotes the process of aging.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamin A, C, and E and also in antioxidants. They are always great for anti-aging. So, I always try to keep seasonal fruits or seasonal vegetables as my snack and take them around with me. Cabbage and broccoli are among the main and those two are my favorites too. These are also anti-aging foods that help to detox the impurities that it just starts deep within your body.

Surgical Procedures

This is very important too because Korea is also very well known for plastic surgery or surgical procedures. Lifting operations enhance collagen production, which improves the appearance of fine lines and fine wrinkles by increasing skin’s elasticity. But depending on the case, the places that you might have gotten the procedure, may not look even. If it gets worse, you might lose feeling in that place where you got the procedure. There may be side effects, so you always have to be extra careful. We recommend that you keep the health of your skin rather than leaning on artificial or surgical procedures.


The fourth one is massaging. Now, just simply by tapping your face, it stimulates the lymph nodes, which helps prevent aging thanks to the blood circulation. And also massage is helpful for the elimination of waste. Massaging muscles that are frequently used such as the V line, the jawline, or areas above and in between your eyebrows, or even your laugh lines and regions around your mouth help to prevent wrinkles.


Dermis, found under the skin, is protecting the epidermis. It’s crucial in the aging of the skin. Collagen, elastin, honey, ginseng, hyaluronic acid – are among some of the different ingredients and components that are beneficial for the dermis.

  • Collagen helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity;
  • Elastin keeps the skin’s resiliency;
  • Ginseng nourishes and also acts as an antioxidant;
  • Honey soothes;
  • Hyaluronic acid contributes to keeping that moisture.

So to prevent aging it’s essential that you keep on taking care of your skin, making sure that you keep on putting these ingredients on your face, and ensure that you are not without them.

These products with the ingredients are going to help with anti-aging.

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Some issues occur during menopause because of changing the balance of estrogen to testosterone. Women tend to see extra hair in places they don’t want, or they see weight gain around the middle instead of around the hips and thighs.

Lifestyle Modifications

Lifestyle modifications are the first move in controlling symptoms of menopause.

Women who have extra weight and have BMI more than 30 have more chances to suffer from mild or hard hot flashes compared to women who have BMI less than 25 (that is considered normal). Weight loss can be helpful in some women. The other thing about this menopausal phase of life is women do find this is it a time where they began to gain weight even if they haven’t already during the rest of adulthood. Because as we age, our metabolic rate tends to decline. You are also in the phase of life where you might be exercising less. So women even if they don’t need weight loss during perimenopause they probably will find that they need to begin to do some things to avoid gaining weight.

Tobacco smoking enhances the periodicity and hardness of hot flashes. So you can recommend smoking cessation for those who smoke.

Exercise is also helpful in managing menopausal symptoms and a healthy diet. Stress reduction is another thing that can be useful for some women.

All these lifestyle modifications lower the symptoms of menopause; they increase a woman’s sense of welfare, and they reduce her risk of such illnesses like breast cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.

Once someone has gone through menopause their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, and osteoporosis all go up.

Lifestyle Modifications for Hot Flashes

There are some specific lifestyle changes for dealing with hot flashes. Many women can identify certain triggers such as alcohol, more burning spicy foods, caffeine, stress, hot drinks, or a warm environment. They can identify a specific trigger; then they can change and no longer be exposed to that trigger.

Another thing is staying cool. It particularly for a warm environment, especially at night leads to hot flashes. Wearing moisture-wicking fabrics, layering clothes, and bedclothes so that they can strip things off easily.

One big thing is trying to keep your head cool. Putting a cold pack or a chilled pillow under your regular pillow so that you can flip the pad back and forth and you always have a cool side.

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In this article, you will find a breast enlargement method that will help you to grow your breast.

The method is called breast slapping or what I call it slap therapy. This is a very popular thing in Asia. They have been doing this for thousands of years. And I am a huge fan of Asian culture because everything that they do is natural. A lot of times if someone suggests anything in regards to what an Asian does, I will be doing this because this stuff works.

There another reason on how I got pregnant, you know, I just do things naturally by using herbs, and so I always suggest Asian culture to be able to get something accomplished, and with slap therapy, this should work.

For this, you don’t even need to have your boobs out or nothing like that. You can just have a mini top, just like this, it doesn’t even matter. You should wear some thin thing. You can do this for about five minutes twice a day. You can do it right after the breast massage if you feel like it is necessary; it is nice as long as you do it twice a day. What you are going to do is just take your right hand and put in on your left breast, and you just slap. That is all you are going to do. Here the before and after breast enlargement pictures. Source

And the thing is it doesn’t even hurt like that; it will hurt after. But don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt like that. Sometimes I don’t wear a top because I like pain a little bit, but you can go ahead and just do that. You do it for five minutes. And then you are going just do the same thing with your right breast, using your left hand. That is all you have got to do.

The breast will reach a C cup. And I know that they are still growing now. So I know that my boobs will probably be added D within the next few months if I just keep doing this method that I’m doing every day.

So I hope this article helps you because it is something that I have been doing for years when I want you to grow my boobs.

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A Good Sex

Good sex is one of the factors which can create an excellent reciprocal relationship. Having a mutual relationship is very important to maintain the marriage hence good sex also leads to a healthy marriage. Two sides must be satisfied in sex which is the man side and the woman side. Good sex is sex which satisfies those two parties. Woman as one of the parties seems to have a tendency to be happy easier if the man’s penis size can be categorized as significant.

If you choose a penis extension as your primary method of penis enlargement, it’s important to choose the best penis extender and se it in the right way. You can read reviews from happy customers or medical reports. You need to spend some time to get the best deal and enlarge your penis by 1-4 inches in a few months.

Therefore it surely becomes a problem when we as a man is not granted a big penis. The quick question that may arise is: Why women do not like small penis size and low sperm count? There are lots of study in answering this question were based on those reviews, women get a greater sensation when they have sexual intercourse with a man who has a large penis.

These studies are also based on the fact that having a more significant penis being injected into the woman’s vagina will arouse the vagina area. Hence it will increase blood circulation within that area. Being easier to be aroused, women have a much more significant possibility of reaching orgasm. This is why women are keener to engage in the sexual intercourse with a man who eventually has a big penis.

Should We?

Another question that may arise is: Should we be frustrated if we happen to have a small penis? Well, we shouldn’t be because there are lots of option which can be used for enlarging our penis. For example, we can start using male enhancement pills which are pills which can enlarge our penis. There are many things that we need to know before using those tablets such as the ingredients that are used, the side effect, and the schedule to use it.

But if you want to have a bigger penis, I can recommend you to use penis enhancement supplements. Choose those pills that contain special herbs for manhood enlargement. They may also include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Besides pills, you can use penis extender or penis pump.

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ProEnhance is a fresh kind of male improvement which comes in the shape of a discreet patch rather than a tablet or a tablet. The bandage may be used to three times before requiring to be altered and stays glue despite water or bodily action.

ProEnhance patch review and comparison

  • Organic formula;
  • Encourages more powerful, more robust, and longer-lasting erections;
  • Helps to revitalize a blue libido;
  • Provides you more-lasting endurance;
  • Volatile climaxes improve your sexual delight.

ProEnhance Components

  • Nin-Sin: While ginseng has several uses, for the aims of the ProEnhance method, nin-sin is a man reproductive health enhancement. There has also been researching as recently as 2002 showing that ginseng is helpful for raising low-libido levels and helping men achieve an erection.
  • Fo-Ti: This herbaceous plant goes by several titles, including Seikasku in Asia and Ha Thu O in Viet-Nam. Individuals initially started utilizing this tubal main again in the late 1500s to boost libido and enhance the standard of the erections. Also, it gets the capability to cut back the boost energy and endurance.
  • Gotu Kola: These greens have a variety of uses, but also for the aims of the ProEnhance method, its proper impact on blood pressure is essential for the patch method. After blood-pressure is modulated into a healthier degree, this may boost the total amount of blood which runs to the penis when sexually stimulated.
  • Sabal Serrulata: There are several methods in which Sabal Serrulata will assist with men sexual health. For beginners, there are health-related publications which indicate that saw palmetto might decrease an enlarged prostate. Also, it functions as a libido booster.

Sadly, the producer hasn’t supplied a full listing of components only at that moment.

ProEnhance Instructions

Use the ProEnhance patch to any spot on your lower stomach. Depart about for three times, then take away the old patch and apply a fresh patch. Repeat once every three times.

Alerts: While there aren’t any recognized unwanted effects related to utilizing the ProEnhance system, there’s entirely no guarantee it won’t trigger different and unforeseen adverse consequences. Speak with your physician before total use, mainly when you’re presently using any medicines.

ProEnhance In-depth Evaluation

The ProEnhance system is an elaborate program, involving the natural area, male improvement workouts, and A67-day warranty for client satisfaction. The bigger the bundle you get, the more extreme the customer service and extra penile enlargement bonus gifts you’ll obtain. Several customers may be interested in the reality that ProEnhance comes in patch form, which is often a pleasant change for people who have trouble swallowing tablets or recalling to consider them at once daily.

On the other hand, the method isn’t without its disadvantages. For many guys, especially old guys that have difficulties with erection dysfunction and erection strength, the unique factors in the ProEnhance patch may be particularly helpful. Nevertheless, it’s not likely to make long-term increases in length and width, and younger guys had a healthier sexual drive, and naturally powerful erections may not detect any apparent advantages of the ProEnhance patch. The supplementary materials, for example, penile enlargement workouts, may reveal some dimension developments; yet, this necessitates the purchase of a higher-priced ProEnhance bundle. While the ProEnhance patch may help guys who fight with erectile strength, it’s not likely to generate a permanent dimension increase, mainly when there is a youthful and healthier organ. If the length is your priority, you need to visit our merchandise reviews section and find out how ProEnhance appears up to the rivalry.

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So you are a guy, and you are wondering if your penis size is among the top one percent or just average like any other guys. Or maybe you are a girl who is wondering about the average size of the penis. Well, we are about to shine a light on you about the average size of the penis in America.

The Average Penis Size

You might see in an adult movie sometimes that a guy can have a massive penis size. Some guys do have that kind of penis size with them. However, not all guys can have this sort of size of the penis. In fact, the average penis size in America is around five inches when erect and four inches when flaccid. So if your penis is around that size, that you are probably in the standard size, and you don’t have to worry about it.

According to some data, only around fifteen percent of the population has a penis size around seven inches. Bigger than that, the percentage is even more little. The people who have an eight inch of the penis would be just around three percent of the population. For those who claim to have nine or ten inches or even bigger size of the penis, they are among the rarest percentage maybe less than one percent.

The Desired Penis Size

You might have heard about the question of whether size matter or not. Sometimes penis size does matter if you are just looking to have fun. But having a too big penis is not always an advantage for a man. Plenty of women feels like they reach orgasm better not because of the size but the overall sexual experience with their partner. It means that it involves sexual chemistry, personality, and other factors in a partner. So, therefore, it is not always a good thing if you have a big penis. Otherwise, you can use some penis extension products like Quick Extender Pro or Phallosan Forte, that use the principe on penile traction to enlarge penis dramatically and permanently. More natural penis enhancement reviews are available here at Top 10 penis extenders

Of course, it does not mean that small size of the penis is desirable. Sometimes it is all about the movement of the person itself. Even if the dimension of the penis is average, women can still reach orgasm with the right movement which hitting the right spot. For instance, you will need to understand that penis will be able to give more orgasm if it has bigger girth than length. Some men interpret big penis with longer ones. Most women will choose a big girth over big length for sure.

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Enlarging The Penis

In America, most people will try to grow their penis size if they consider their penis to be too small, or at least too small for their liking. There are various penis enlargement products (penis enlargement pumps, for example) that you can get in America. Some of them include penis enlargement devices such as penis pump, penis extender, and also penis stretcher. There are also a variety of penis enlargement pills, creams, and patches that you can take directly to your body. These products will usually be more preferred not only because of its pricing but also its safety.

Despite so, according to research, the country with the most penis enlargement program would be Germany. There are so many penis enlargement programs out there that can accommodate you who want penis enlargement. About eighteen percent of the male population would have tried penis enlargement programs in their life.

While you’re watching TV, playing the radio or surfing the net, you will likely see and also hear commercials promoting the use of various brands of penile enlargement pills. With all the current increase regarding male sex problems for example erectile malfunction, impotence, premature male climax and low sperm count, the popularity of the sort regarding medications are rising. Suggested pills for erection enhancement were created and built to endow guys with an increase of robust, longer-lasting erections. While there are always selections of widely-used drugs that copy this result, more plus more folks are looking at male enlargement pills contains natural components, such since herbs and also herbal removes. Some of the herbal components of natural penile enlargement pills include Safflower and also Taj, which act to enhance the flow of blood towards the specific penis, alongside Epimedium. Such herbal-based drugs also consist of necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Men who are venerable to male sex conditions typically ask, how correctly penile enhancement pills perform; especially they include a favorite herbal element, Asian Ginseng. This supplement remains used within the East for 1000s of years as a possible energizer so whenever a remedy for malaise. In penile enlargement pills, whoever central aspect is ginseng, many manufacturers typically include vitamin supplements A, D, C and also E to ensure that the ginseng defines its many optimal influences on the physique. Read more about Ginseng here wikipedia.

How accurately do male enhancement pills compared and ranked will likely be determined only by reading the specific ingredients across the label, understanding the specific function of each and everyone, and learning how every component complements one other, can determine possibly the product will continue steadily to work on a particular male sex condition.

Additionally, it’s advisable to have to go through the pills and consumer ratings of varied natural male enhancement pills in the marketplace. This can give you a notion of what type of pills along with the ingredients covered therein will continue steadily to work to improve male virility, boost penis dimensions, or enhance the volume regarding male climax.

Now everyone ought to know how the properly do natural erection pills perform. At the thousand dollars market that centers on men sexual well-being, and so how this industry remains growing as an increasing number of guys attain enhancement satisfaction with all the various penile enlargement pills you can purchase. To determine success and also satisfaction scores, it would certainly also be best if you look upwards testimonials, printed research, and discover the advantages and disadvantages of every product.

Efficient male enhancement pills need to achieve a profitable rate of no less than 95%. In Other criteria include lower rapid ejaculation costs, increase vitality and also stamina, and harder erections that go longer. You won’t be necessary to produce a doctor’s consultation or acquire a prescription; may very well not have to undergo surgery, tie on complicated devices, or have to endure various exercises to possess pleasure to get involved with your love.

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