So you are a guy, and you are wondering if your penis size is among the top one percent or just average like any other guys. Or maybe you are a girl who is wondering about the average size of the penis. Well, we are about to shine a light on you about the average size of the penis in America.

The Average Penis Size

You might see in an adult movie sometimes that a guy can have a massive penis size. Some guys do have that kind of penis size with them. However, not all guys can have this sort of size of the penis. In fact, the average penis size in America is around five inches when erect and four inches when flaccid. So if your penis is around that size, that you are probably in the standard size, and you don’t have to worry about it.

According to some data, only around fifteen percent of the population has a penis size around seven inches. Bigger than that, the percentage is even more little. The people who have an eight inch of the penis would be just around three percent of the population. For those who claim to have nine or ten inches or even bigger size of the penis, they are among the rarest percentage maybe less than one percent.

The Desired Penis Size

You might have heard about the question of whether size matter or not. Sometimes penis size does matter if you are just looking to have fun. But having a too big penis is not always an advantage for a man. Plenty of women feels like they reach orgasm better not because of the size but the overall sexual experience with their partner. It means that it involves sexual chemistry, personality, and other factors in a partner. So, therefore, it is not always a good thing if you have a big penis. Otherwise, you can use some penis extension products like Quick Extender Pro or Phallosan Forte, that use the principe on penile traction to enlarge penis dramatically and permanently. More natural penis enhancement reviews are available here at Top 10 penis extenders

Of course, it does not mean that small size of the penis is desirable. Sometimes it is all about the movement of the person itself. Even if the dimension of the penis is average, women can still reach orgasm with the right movement which hitting the right spot. For instance, you will need to understand that penis will be able to give more orgasm if it has bigger girth than length. Some men interpret big penis with longer ones. Most women will choose a big girth over big length for sure.

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Enlarging The Penis

In America, most people will try to grow their penis size if they consider their penis to be too small, or at least too small for their liking. There are various penis enlargement products (penis enlargement pumps, for example) that you can get in America. Some of them include penis enlargement devices such as penis pump, penis extender, and also penis stretcher. There are also a variety of penis enlargement pills, creams, and patches that you can take directly to your body. These products will usually be more preferred not only because of its pricing but also its safety.

Despite so, according to research, the country with the most penis enlargement program would be Germany. There are so many penis enlargement programs out there that can accommodate you who want penis enlargement. About eighteen percent of the male population would have tried penis enlargement programs in their life.