In this article, you will find a breast enlargement method that will help you to grow your breast.

The method is called breast slapping or what I call it slap therapy. This is a very popular thing in Asia. They have been doing this for thousands of years. And I am a huge fan of Asian culture because everything that they do is natural. A lot of times if someone suggests anything in regards to what an Asian does, I will be doing this because this stuff works.

There another reason on how I got pregnant, you know, I just do things naturally by using herbs, and so I always suggest Asian culture to be able to get something accomplished, and with slap therapy, this should work.

For this, you don’t even need to have your boobs out or nothing like that. You can just have a mini top, just like this, it doesn’t even matter. You should wear some thin thing. You can do this for about five minutes twice a day. You can do it right after the breast massage if you feel like it is necessary; it is nice as long as you do it twice a day. What you are going to do is just take your right hand and put in on your left breast, and you just slap. That is all you are going to do. Here the before and after breast enlargement pictures. Source

And the thing is it doesn’t even hurt like that; it will hurt after. But don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt like that. Sometimes I don’t wear a top because I like pain a little bit, but you can go ahead and just do that. You do it for five minutes. And then you are going just do the same thing with your right breast, using your left hand. That is all you have got to do.

The breast will reach a C cup. And I know that they are still growing now. So I know that my boobs will probably be added D within the next few months if I just keep doing this method that I’m doing every day.

So I hope this article helps you because it is something that I have been doing for years when I want you to grow my boobs.

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