Tip 1: Focus on Your Partner

I want to address the anxiety issue. So start looking at your partners, mean like, what are they feeling, what is their body looks like. Ask your partner about the size of his penis and if you’re not satisfied with the length and girth, give him the advice to use a top rated penis extender like Phallosan. This product will help to grow the penis on a permanent basis. It’s not expensive but backed up with a money back guarantee.

Penis stretching is a natural way to enlarge the penis without any side effects. Unless you want to make surgery, but it’s too risky and expensive. It’s all about your health. And that will help you to get that trap out of your mind only thinking about yourself, what I look like, what do they think about me. Think what do they look like, how do their body feel, what does it feel like when I’m touching them.

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Tip 2: Communicate

Start talking, sometimes talking out loud can get you out of being stuck in your head, “do you like that, how does that feel to you?”

Tip 3: Relax and Breathe Deeply

And the other thing is just learning to relax and allow yourself to breathe deeply, to feel more. So if his girlfriend wants to work with him through this, he can tell her “this is why I’m having a hard time receiving a blowjob.” I know that brutal honesty is terrifying, but it is really what is holding us back. Sexual expression and verbal expression are linked together entirely. Her continual acceptance of him will start to melt away these layers of his kind of anxiety and fear and allow him to feel that he is being loved, that he is being accepted, that he is attracted to her.

Sex shouldn’t be about shame; sex is fun. The problem is a lot of us have these mental hang-ups and some shame around our bodies, or sex, or how much we’re enjoying ourselves that are keeping us from actually connecting to other person or allowing ourselves to let go. If your girlfriend is with you, then I would think she’s probably happy with the size of your penis. So you can go ahead and relax.  If she were not satisfied with the size of your penis, she would probably already be gone. She’s happy with you, and she wants it.

Tip 4: Oral Sex and G-spot Stimulation

The other thing that you can do if you’re concerned about your size is making sure she’s getting enough pleasure in general so learning how to get great oral sex or stimulate her G-spot with your fingers. So learning how to find her G-spot it’s just inside the vagina and up behind the cervix, and you can do something your play with the F-spot, and that’ll help get her very aroused.

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